SWM Environment Looking Into Initiatives on Decomposing Food Waste

KITAR3cycle and Food Waste Decomposition programme by concession company of Solid Waste And Public Cleansing Management Corporation, SWM Environment Sdn. Bhd. (SWM Environment)
was officiated by the Local Government, Urban Wellbeing and Environment Committee chairman
of Johor, Tan Chen Choon with the presence of SWM Environment CEO, Dr. Uzir Abdul Malik,
Skudai State Legislative Assemblyman, Tan Hong Pin, Mayor of Iskandar Puteri City Council, Dato’
Haji Adib Azhari Daud and representative of SWCorp Johor, Muhamad Rosai Rafiq Mohd Rohani
with Tanah Sutera Development Sales and Marketing Assistant General Manager Daniel Tan Koh
Heng.SWM Environment is aiming to reduce the delivery of waste and prolonging the life expectancy of
landfill sites in Johor by decomposing food waste. According to its Corporate Office General
Manager, Haji Mohd Norlisan Mohd Nordin, the project is in line with the Ministry of Housing and
the local government’s vision to create a sustainable community together, along with Johor state
government’s agenda of zero waste.

SWM Environment has established a strategic alliance with land developers, Tanah Sutera
Development Sdn. Bhd. (Tanah Sutera) where SWM Environment would be collecting food waste
from landed premises and commercial centres in Taman Sutera Pulai before delivering it to
Ladang Sutera FOLO under Tanah Sutera to be processed into compost fertiliser.

The service is in works to be made available all over Johor and there are plans to cover Melaka
and Negeri Sembilan as well. Its pilot project would run for 3 months to observe its effectiveness
and if any improvements arise from it.

Meanwhile, SMW Environment chose Taman Sutera Pulai as its community garden for the first
KITAR3cycle in MBIP after its official launch back in February. The initiative too, is in the plan to
go throughout Johor in order to cultivate recycling habits within the society.