SWM cares for the environment

Summary: SWM Johor Region launched Ops Deko Raya in conjunction with the Ramadan and Syawal festive season

In conjunction with the Hari Raya celebration, SWM Environment Sdn. Bhd. (SWM) launched OPS Deko Raya to assist home owners with the festive preparations.

According to Johor Regional Manager of SWM Environment, Mohd Zan Arris, the social initiative was launched after taking into account the overall cleanup activities that are commonly done

by residents during festive seasons.

“This initiative is seen as an early step to control overflow of trash and curbing the illegal dumping that often occur during festive seasons,” he said, adding that this is an opportunity to

remind the public about bulk waste collection service for items such as furniture and garden waste which are done for free.

OPS Deko Raya is based on the 2 + 1 collection system with emphasis given to bulk waste collection operations. To facilitate the bulk and garden waste disposal, SWM is appealing for public

cooperation to refer to the schedule signage in their residential area.

Mohd Zan also described OPS Deko Raya as a complement to the Hari Raya Aidilfitri Operational Strategies which is usually announced by the SWM ahead of celebrations. He added that

both proactive initiatives undertaken by the SWM will help to control trash overflow during the festive season.