1.       What is 2+1 Collection?

·       Food and organic waste will be collected 2 times a week.

·       Recyclables such as plastic containers, aluminum cans, paper and cardboards as well as garden and bulky waste will be collected once a week.


2.       Can I use my own bins and can I place any waste in it?

No. You are required to use the wheelie bin provided by SWM Environment for all household and organic waste. All household waste placed in other bins will NOT be collected.All recyclables and garden waste is to be tied neatly and placed into disposal bags

                3.       Where should I place the wheelie bin on collection days?

Wheelie bins must be placed by the kerbside on schedule collection days.


4.       4. Where should I place recyclables and/or garden waste for collection?

Recyclables and/or garden waste must be placed in disposal bags by the kerbside on scheduled collection days.

5.       If the bin is lost or damaged, will I get a replacement?

If the bin is stolen, premise owners / tenants are required to lodge a police report and notify SWM for further action. If damage is caused by SWM workers, premise owners/tenants are required to report to SWM via the public complaint number on 1800-88-7472 as indicated on the bin.

6.       I live in an apartment/ condominium/ flat with communal bins, how does my rubbish collection work?

The same collection method will be practiced across all residences involved.Separate all household waste from recyclables and place them properly in garbage bags. All household waste must be placed in communal bins.

All recyclables and bulky waste must be placed in designated area set by your apartment/condominium/flats. Please contact your residential management for more information.

7.       Why can’t I find the name of my residential area in the schedule?

The exercise will be implemented progressively to cover all residential areas. The collection schedule for each residential area is different and will vary from one residential area to another. If your residential area is not listed in the 2+1 collection schedule listing, it is not yet implemented in your area.

8.       Why was my garbage not collected?

·       You did not place the household and organic waste into the wheelie bin provided by SWM Environment

·       You placed recyclables, garden waste or other bulky items into the wheelie bin provided by SWM Environment

·       The wheelie bin was not placed on the curb or it was tied/ locked and could not be dragged to the compactor

·       Recyclable items/ garden waste were not placed in a garbage bag and placed on the kerbside for collection

9.       What if the collection day in my area falls on a public holiday?

Holidays will not affect the collection of waste as all operation will continue as scheduled.

10.       How can I make an enquiry or complaint about the collection service?

You can call our hotline at 1800-88-7472 or visit SWM website at www.swm-environment.com


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